Giving Our Best!

Giving Our Best!

Giving Our Best!

Many of you may have wondered at some point- who PLK is. How did PLK come about. What life is like behind the scenes. Well, sit tight. Here we go.

My name is Sharon. I was born in the hot and humid tropical Malaysia and grew up for most of my life right in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city. We came from a regular average income family , led a pretty simple lifestyle of going to school, church, shopping malls on the weekends... Yes, probably like any family we had our own set of life and financial struggles but thankfully made it through. Fast forward a few years, I completed my pharmacy degree shortly before meeting the man of my dreams, half the world away. 

In 2007, we got married and I was whisked away to Canada. We didn't have much but we had one another. I still remember vividly the $75 wedding dress we sourced from a local thrift store, the $1 Pontiac that was sold to us by a kind church family, the fake diamond engagement ring I wore until it broke apart :) But life in Canada was exciting. It was a whole new beginning. A new life. New friends. New food. New culture. I must say except for the long, dreary, cold winters, I still love it all. I was called to be a Mother quite soon after in the fall of 2008 when we welcomed our first baby girl. We knew I wanted to be home. 

PLK was born in February of 2016, four babies later. It didn't stem from a grand vision of getting rich. It grew from the idea of wanting to be home, to raise my babies and help out with a side income. I didn't even seriously sew till my last child was born in 2015! Little did I know that the world of fabric was about to explode before my eyes.

Now in 2018, it has been over 2 years with PLK and our journey has been full of learning and growth. It hasn't always been easy and I don't think I would ever recommend it! Balancing a home business and a family with 4 young children is quite an act but being home every single day to be with my family while enjoying the crafty side of me makes it worth it all. 

Watching YOUR businesses do well with my fabrics brings me joy. Seeing pictures of YOUR little ones in PLK outfits warms my heart. Talking with you on social media, some of whom I have never met before, have made me not only some wonderful customers, but wonderful friends and people. 

I am ever grateful to those of you who have and/or continue to support small businesses like us. I am grateful to God for His guidance along the way- in the decisions I make, in the things I say and do.

Be assured that every penny earned goes back into the business, or simply the weekly fun hockey, sewing lessons, the countless orthodontic trips, dental bills...the list goes on...:) 

We strive and will continue to give our best. Because that's who we are.

"Giving Our Best!"

Thank you for reading and HAPPY SEWING! xx


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  • Jay West: May 17, 2018

    You are an inspiration to us all. God Bless you and your family. J

  • Darlene West: May 17, 2018

    AHHHH what an inspiring and beautiful testimony Sharon ! You and your wonderful family and the greatest inspiration to many, one of the hardest working Moms I know, yet always so kind, generous and thoughtful of all those around you. Thank you for sharing and I wish you the greatest success. I remember that beautiful Malaysian girl coming to Canada and how we all fell in love with her. Your wedding day will always be a fond memory to me. You are loved much and appreciated by so many.

  • Laura: May 17, 2018

    THANK YOU SHARON! You have built a wonderful business and I can say with confidence you are my favorite Canadian fabric retailer

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