They are only little once.

They are only little once.

They are only little once.

Staring at my workspace and looking at the not-so-perfect pile of fabric that my 8 year old son and almost 10 year old daughter had helped me fold made me sigh. “No, it has to be folded better than that,” I quickly chirp in. 


Time is a commodity. These days we want everything fast. And perfect. My kids are constant reminders to slow down. Motherhood is a blessing. Motherhood is challenging. But in the midst of all the chaos and mess, it should be cherished. Because they are only little once.

Running a home based business alongside motherhood has been a blessing; although not ideal in some ways, it has afforded us the luxury of me being home to raise our children.  It ain’t for the faint at heart, balancing is hard, stress levels can be high. On some days, my hair would all turn white in a day if it could :)

People always ask, "How do you work around the kids?". "Do you sleep?".  "Where do you find the time?"

Yet again, I would have never done it any other way. It has its challenging days. But the rewarding ones way outnumber them. 

I’ve learnt that it brings our family closer. It makes the easier low-key days so much more enjoyable. It makes me realize that these little people are only little once and they are worth more than what money can buy. Besides my Faith, my family and friends, health and happiness, everything else is really just icing on the cake.

In this seemingly perfect world, we all strive to be perfectionists. Which really isn’t all bad but at times we overlook the little things in life that only come by once. They. Are. Only. Little. Once.

Today I’ve learnt that it’s okay for them to help.  In fact it makes me happy when the little helpers feel the need to be around me. It’s okay if the folds aren’t straight and are wrinkly. It’s okay if it’s NOISY and I can’t think! It’s okay if little hands have touched and felt your fabric before reaching you.

Because we adults are all not perfect either. We’ve all made our fair share of mistakes. But that’s how we learn. And in times like this, we need to remember to slow down and enjoy them. Because they are only little once.

They are only oh, so little, ONCE. 





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