10 of My Best Tips for Travelling Light (AND with kids)

10 of My Best Tips for Travelling Light (AND with kids)

10 of My Best Tips for Travelling Light (AND with kids)


We just got home from our inspiring European adventure, and I can't help but feel immense gratitude for the beautiful memories we've created together! 🏰 

Incorporating the essence of Europe into my fabric creations and sharing this enchanting journey with all of you has been a dream come true! 

We've gone on two epic adventures across vast expanses, so I figured I'd spill the beans on my top tricks for traveling light AND with kiddos (4 to be exact!) in tow. Fingers crossed these pointers add a sprinkling of magic to your journey!

Let’s dive in:

1. Plan Your Clothes Accordingly: When it comes to clothing, opt for lightweight, versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched easily. Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly to avoid overpacking. We have done all our large travels with only carry-on luggage’s both times and love it. 

Pro tip: I plan my pieces based on how much laundry I can get done in between days of travel. I choose the places we stay at wisely. I love places that come with laundry facilities. Pack detergent eco-strips. These are so light and easy to use while saving tons of money from having to buy laundry soaps while on the go. 

2. Roll Clothes: To optimize space in your luggage, consider rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This clever technique can help you save valuable space and allow you to pack more efficiently. Don't forget to leave some extra room for any souvenirs you plan on bringing back!

3. Plan Ahead for Family-Friendly Fun: Before your trip, research and select destinations and activities that are kid-friendly. Create a flexible itinerary that accommodates the interests of every family member, making the journey enjoyable for everyone! 🗺️🚀 Purchase early access to places of attraction that are busy to avoid those long lines. 

4. Keep the Kids Entertained: Long journeys can be challenging for little ones, so be prepared with a variety of options. Pack light and healthy snacks, books, stickers, little toys, and if needed, electronic devices to keep them engaged and happy during travel time. 📚 When my kids were little and transit times were long, I would wrap little gifts like toys and snacks and let them open it at intervals if they showed good behaviour and this worked well.

Pro tip:  Having familiar treats can help comfort kids in a new environment. 🍎🥪 

5. Family friendly accommodations. Select child-safe and family-friendly accommodation. With a large family, dining out for every meal is costly, so I always choose places with kitchenettes, despite the potential expense. Ultimately, this choice saves money by eliminating the need to eat out constantly.

 6. Don't forget to Pack essentials. My most underrated tool: travel wipes. They are everything for cleaning little hands and spaces. Empty Zip-lock bags are also really handy and great for packing snacks on the go. Don't forget to bring a basic first aid kit and any necessary medications. To help adjust sleep times while crossing different time zones, we use melatonin gummies. 

 7. Involve the Little Adventurers: Let your kids participate in planning and decision-making. This gives them a sense of ownership and excitement for the trip ahead! 🗺️🗣️ A highlight for our kids is usually the zoo and various museums so we try to hit a few of them when we visit new places. 

 8. Respect Rest and Routine: Kids thrive on routine, so try to maintain regular nap and meal times as much as possible. This will help keep everyone in good spirits and avoid unnecessary meltdowns. Designing activities suitable for each age group will ensure a positive experience for everyone. Avoid overwhelming them with too many activities. As the children mature, you can fit more into your vacation schedule.

 9. Be Patient and Flexible: Traveling with kids can be unpredictable, so patience and flexibility are key. Embrace the unexpected and make the most of every moment! 💫🌈

 10. Capture Cherished Memories: Encourage your little adventurers to keep travel journals or take photos to remember their experiences. My kids have a blast jotting down their adventures in travel diaries, and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime! 📸📝 When we get home we love to transform those snapshots into delightful photobooks they can flip through whenever they want a trip down memory lane.

I hope these tips help you plan an amazing and stress-free family adventure! Traveling with kids can be a magical experience, and with a little preparation and a lot of love, you'll create unforgettable memories together! 💖🌍

 Until our next adventure, happy travels and may your journey be filled with love and joy! 🧵💕🛤️


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