What is a Preorder?

A preorder is how we generally take orders for new custom designed fabrics.  These fabrics are unique because they are almost always exclusively designed for our shop!
Here are a few key points of a preorder:
  • A round of preorder is denoted in a number sequence, Round 45, 46, and so on. We usually run a preorder every 6-8 weeks.
  • Once a preorder opens, this is your time to order the fabrics in the base that you want (Jersey, French Terry, Bamboo....) as the options are all available to you.
  • Once the preorder closes, there is a wait time of a few weeks for the fabric to get printed, delivered, sorted and ready to ship.
  • Once we are ready to ship a round of preorder, we open up a period that is call "add-ons" This is a time where anyone that wants to add any retail fabric to their preorder can do so. This allows a-lot of people to maximize their shipping dollars as we do not charge shipping for add-ons.
Why preorders?
  • Preorders are the best way for you to secure the yardage you would want.
  • Preorder prices are slightly lower than retail price.
  • Sometimes we do not bring in every single base for retail, so preorders are a great way to secure the yardage and base you need!
  • Retails days are super busy and sometimes you have to be super fast to get what you are wanting.
What happens after a preorder is filled?
  • All the extras that we bring in go for sale online on a specific day at a specific time. Quantities are always limited and once a print is gone it is gone. So in short, preorders are the way to go!

Our story

November 2018 to current

We have been blessed to work out of a lovely little store tucked in Spruce Grove, AB.

I love creating and seeing them come to life on fabric!