Custom Printing FAQ

Guidelines & Info on Custom Batch Printing:

Where and when do I purchase?

We will open a limited number of custom slots every first week of each month on our website to purchase. We send in all custom orders at once for that month, and the same cycle repeats every month. 

Print Requirement:

  • Previously ran designs at Prairie Love Knits: Minimum 2 metre per design with a min of 10 m per order (Mixed bases allowed).
  • Your own custom designs: Minimum of 10 metre of one base.

 Our custom designs must not still be in a round that is printing or that has not gone to retail.

We always recommend ordering 10-20% extra of total yardage required. Upon receiving the yardage, any shortage or extra quantities of yardage received will be rectified through a refund or the extra yardage, invoiced. It is rather difficult to print an exact amount of fabric to the metre, so typically we see a variance of +\-10-15% which is normal.

File Requirements

File must be seamless 300 dpi file in JPEG or PNG format.

Scale of print must be clearly stated, or provided through writings or drawings.

Also we highly recommend printing a 1 meter sample. If a 1 meter sample is not printed, PLK will not be held responsible and the buyer is not eligible for a refund if they are unhappy with the quality of the yardage.

Retail pricing is applicable for the first metre sample printed (for example $30/m for CL). This is to check for colour, scale and repeat.


Setup Fee

A one-time setup fee of $30 will apply to the entire order, regardless of yardage ordered. If the same file(s) is reordered again we do not charge for another setup fee.

 Designing Fee

Please note: If the file sent is not seamless, or requires altering to be seamless, a design fee on top of the setup fee will apply to your order. We will work with you to get the file to its desired quality. The design fee will be dependent on the time it takes for us to work on your print and will be invoiced at the end before we send your order in.

Without a design fee, we will send the file as-is for printing and the buyer is responsible for providing a high quality resolution file.

If the need to check/alter the file is not clearly stated when ordering, PLK has no control in the event a file is printed not to standards and the buyer is ineligible for a refund.


Fabric + Shipping Pricing

Similar pricing as our preorder prices. 

 Regular shipping rates apply.

Prices are in CAD.

Turnaround time

Regular 10-14 week timeline for us to receive the fabric. Our team takes the time to measure all yardage received, and ensures that the printing is up to our standards and quality. Processing times might take an extra 1-2 weeks.

If 1 m samples are ordered these are usually in sooner within 6-8 weeks. We will ship this to you, and wait for further instructions for the bulk printing.

Exclusivity and Licensing

We do ensure that any file/design shared will remain exclusive to the owner/artist. Customer must be responsible for purchasing the appropriate licensing fee to use/print the artwork and if violated we will cease to provide this service and have the right to refuse the sale of fabric.

Order must be fully paid before we send your order in.

Thank you for your support!

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