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Custom Printed Bases FAQ

First time ordering? Not sure how they feel or which fabric bases are best? Here is a summary of the different bases our custom printed fabrics are offered in!

Jersey Knit
This is a medium weight fabric, with 4-way 70% stretch with recovery. This is our most versatile fabric as it is great for most sews all year long. Soft, smooth knit on both sides with medium drape. Suggested sews: Tops, Dresses, Hoodies, Leggings, All-season wear.

French Terry
French Terry has 40-50% 4-way stretch and is characterized by its smooth one side (the right patterned side) and tiny loops and soft piles of yarn on the underside for extra warmth. Because of its thicker and structured nature, we recommend this for hoodies, sweatshirts and warmer garments that require structure and less drape.

Bamboo French Terry
This base is quickly becoming a favourite, and it's no question why! It is buttery soft, and an intermediate weight between jersey and French 
Terry, which are great choices for sews that require a bit of warmth coupled with drape. This base features 60% four-way stretch, a smooth, luxurious face, and a looped back. Great for hoodies, tops, dresses, leggings, cardigans.

Bamboo Lycra
A breathable, buttery soft and lighter weight base that drapes beautifully. This 70% four-way stretch knit coupled with comfort and durability is preferred for lighter weight garments like flowy tops, cardigans and nursing covers.

Double Stretch Minky
With 80% 4-way stretch, this cuddly soft base is equivalent to your most cozy, fuzzy blanket! Hem the edges and you now have your perfect cuddly companion or venture out and sew bathrobes, rompers and hoodies. Polyester does not breath well, therefore we would not recommend baby pyjamas/sleepers due to babies' inability to regulate heat well.

Cotton Sateen 
A woven material made from 100% cotton (0% stretch) with a soft hand and subtle sheen. Popular uses are for both home decor and apparel.
Suggested sews: Dresses, Quilts, Table linens, Pillows and Curtains.

Double Gauze
Made from 2 layers of muslin fused together, this is a soft, breathable and airy fabric with a slight loft. Due to the open weave structure, double gauze has just a little bit of give/stretch. Double gauze can be used for garment patterns designed for wovens such as chambray, lawn, linen, or voile. Suggested sews: Bibs,Swaddling Blankets, Cloth napkins, Tea towels, Quilts with simple patterns.

Swim Knit
As the name suggests, this 4-way 50-60% stretch knit is popularly used for rash guards and swimsuits. Provides UV50+ protection.


Quick-drying, durable, comfortable and light-weight fabric with a slight velvety feel. Most commonly used in watersports i.e. swim shorts. This fabric has 0% stretch.

How do I care for my fabric?

Would like to purchase samples? https://www.prairieloveknits.ca/products/samples-of-custom-printed-bases-1-set