2022 PLK Advent Box

2022 PLK Advent Box

2022 PLK Advent Box

When the PLK Advent Box was announced I instantly knew I needed one! This lovely box of curated goodies was a complete delight to receive (I treated myself) and even more fun to open. The anticipation over each new present brought out the child-excitement in me as I found myself “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over the contents each day, and then waiting to do it all over again. I actually started to look forward to mornings.


So, exactly what was inside the 2022 Advent Box?  Here’s the answer to the question everyone is asking:

In addition to either 2 or 4 metres of custom fabric on pre-selected bases, there were 11 wrapped gifts. These included various curated goodies, as well as supplies to complete a brand-new pattern designed by Sharon herself (also included). Let’s take a closer look:


Day 1 featured three beautiful notebooks with covers featuring with Sharon’s epic florals! They will be perfect for jotting down measurements, pattern notes, or even keeping a to-do list with testing dates or a log of my sews.

Day 2 introduced items that were to be set-aside for later use in a specific project. These two gorgeous woven Fat Quarters were enticing enough that I nearly opened the whole thing then and there. Of course, these too were designed by Sharon!
For Day 3, a retracting measuring tape in a PLK pouch hopefully means I’ll never be searching for one again. This one is too pretty and practical to lose!  
I picked up Day 4 and was a little disappointed that I could guess the contents (a package of needles) but was quickly excited to find something else too – The charming “Sewing is my superpower” sticker was exactly the reminder I need for the many needles I break. I may just stick it to my machine!
I had known for days that Day 5 included something edible (Apparently I wasn’t the only whose dog attempted to eat a portion of their box)….Anyway, after he poked his nose around and honed in on this one, the bag sat on my counter and taunted me. The caramels were very quickly consumed on Day 5 – and thankfully not by my pooch!
Day 6 was the second of three bags containing supplies for a final project. It was easy to guess that batting was included, but tucked inside the batting was a Fat 8th of sweet woven fabric -a beautiful surprise featuring more hand-painted goodness!
I opened Day 7 alongside my coffee, but otherwise would have brewed up a cup of tea with the tea bag immediately. The Ruby Star Sewing Tin is super cheerful and just plain cute!
Day 8 literally had my 3-year-old squealing with joy - “Scissors! YEAH! Scissors! You got scissors”. These thread snips are sharp and I will be guarding them carefully (maybe in my tin) but they will be so handy!
A metre of Art Gallery solids (Crème de crème) was the third/final bag of items designated for a special project. The pieces were starting to come together and I knew it was going to be good when I opened this on Day 9.
On Day 10, I was ecstatic to discover a package of 8 woven “handmade” labels (again, designed by Sharon – I think I see a trend here….) If I thought my kids would actually pay attention to a label…Wait, who am I kidding?!?! These are definitely going to be for me!
I opened Day 11 to find the most beautiful printed tutorial/pattern for a quilted throw pillow - Sharon’s newest release! The images inside are gorgeous and the instructions are super clear. I can’t wait to get started on this!
I also couldn’t wait to open Day 12… after seeing Day 11, I caved and ripped that red bag of fabric goodness wide open! Just like the rest of this box, it did not disappoint.
While my box is now empty, my heart remains full – I have so much to be thankful for this holiday season and the gift of being able to create alongside you is one of them! If you received a box, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, but either way, I wish you some sweet moments to celebrate (and sew), and the happiest New Year!

To follow along with the pillowcase cover pattern, check out the video tutorial here.


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