Making Binding Strips

Making Binding Strips

Making Binding Strips

 Today I share how I make my binding strips. At this point I am usually quite excited because I know that my project is SO close to being completed!

Ok, so let's dive in! Firstly, I like cutting them at 2.5" wide as I like this finished look and this width allows me to work fairly easily especially when I am machine binding! I have seen others work with a 2" wide binding, this is more common with smaller projects that might look nicer with a skinnier border, so that is totally up to you!

  • Square up the edge of fabric that you will be using. Keep your fabric double folded so you are cutting through two layers at a time. It's faster and easier to handle.
  • Make sure the fabric aligns with the grid at the 2.5" mark, checking that the bottom and top is also perpendicular to your ruler.
  • Cut the binding strips. As mentioned, I love to cut mine at 2.5" by the width of fabric (double folded at 21"). We will be joining these strips together using a diagonal seam. If you are following a pattern, the instructions will give you the number of strips you will need.


  • Lay two strips, right sides together perpendicularly. Trim off selvages if needed. Match the edges of the corners.
  • Using a fabric marker or hera marker, mark a diagonal line from corner to corner as shown.

  • Sew on the diagonal line to create a diagonal seam. (I love diagonal seams because they distribute the bulkiness and avoid thick layers which can affect the final result when sewn)

  • Trim off the excess fabric corners at 1/4" away from the sewn line.
  • Press seams open.

  • Once all of the strips are sewn together, fold the binding in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and press flat.

Sit back and admire your binding strips! Wind them around a piece of cardboard to keep them neat and ready to be used! 

Never throw away binding! Store leftovers in a jar for a scrappy project in the future! :)


Till the next, happy sewing!



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